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If you’ve been experiencing trouble with your heater, Simmonds Heating & Cooling are the go-to team for gas heater service Adelaide. Our qualified team of experienced technicians are heating and cooling experts. We’re professional, quick, reliable, and always explain what the issue is in layman’s terms. Because we have experience working on all types & makes of gas heaters, we can handle any situation! Just like a car, maintenance is crucial to the performance or longevity of the systems. Call us on (08) 8377 5888 to chat more about our gas heater service Adelaide.

Picking the right air conditioning unit for your home

If you find your gas heater needs servicing more and more frequently, it might be time to replace it! Below we’ve listed a couple of heating options you could take if you need a new heater:

Gas heating: Even if your current gas heater is showing signs of age, it doesn’t mean they’re going out of fashion! Gas heaters are an economical, effective and environmentally friendly heating alternative.

Ducted reverse cycle: Powered by a compressor, ducted air cycles suck air from outside, heated or cool that air (depending on what you want), and then blow it through the house via ducts, therefore giving you the temperature control you want.

Split system air conditioning: These systems are split into two sections: an outdoor condenser & an indoor fan coil unit.

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Our gas heater service Adelaide

A regular servicing for your gas heating will make sure it’s working well during winter, and it will add years to the system’s life. Just like a car, gas heaters require ongoing maintenance to retain optimal performance. Gas heaters can be costly to replace, so here are a few signs that indicate you may have a problem:

  • Signs of heat damage: stains on the surrounding walls or discolouration means the temperature is not under control
  • Yellow or sooty flames: this indicates your heater isn’t receiving enough air for complete combustion, and consequently more carbon harmful monoxide will be produced
  • Pilot light keeps going out: if this is happening, it’s likely linked to a faulty thermocouple, whch is the safety mechanism that shuts off the gas

If any of the above are is occurring, it’s important to seek gas heater service Adelaide as soon as possible!

If your heater has been letting you down through winter, talk to a gas heater service Adelaide provider. It’s as simple as picking up the phone and dialing 8377 5888!