Air Conditioning Repairs Adelaide.

We are the Adelaide experts for the installation of air conditioning repair. We design, supply, install and service ducted air conditioning throughout Adelaide.

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"Fixed my split on the same day. Issue with electric capacitor, chap who attended is a electrician and also a aircon mechanic. He even took time to assist with a power point and I have him coming back to install more. Happy here!"

Cambirlli William

The Adelaide Air Conditioning Repairs

Simmonds Heating & Cooling are the specialists in air conditioner repairs Adelaide. Over time, we’ve developed quick diagnostic and problem-solving abilities! Here is a list of some of the issues we regularly manage:

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Air Conditioning Service Adelaide

Air Conditioning Service Adelaide can get expensive, so if you’re facing recurring issues, it might be worth trading the old for the new. We work with a range of internationally accredited suppliers who we trust to provide us with the best. Here are a few names:

ActronAir—an Australian company recognized for making world-class air conditioners.
Fujitsu—a Japanese company that has become multinational with its highly advanced technology.
Mitsubishi Electric—another internationally accredited Japanese brand that creates high-quality electrical products for the homes and businesses.

Bonaire—an Australian company that has been manufacturing efficient heating and cooling systems for over 60 years.
Ductair Energy Smart—a modern energy system that has been independently tested to drastically improve ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

Seeley International—a team who focus on world-leading climate control solutions.

You definitely won’t need regular air conditioning repair Adelaide with these leading brands!

Air Conditioner Repairs Adelaide

Simmonds Heating & Cooling has been offering air conditioning repairs Adelaide for years. Temperature can have a huge impact on both your mood and your wellbeing, so our work makes life that little bit more enjoyable. As well as offering repairs, we supply and install air cons to ensure quality control the whole way through. We believe that education is vital when making electrical purchases because the value for money options are hard to come by. You also have to consider what’s best for your home and family. For example, if there’s a lot of activity in your home and you need to control the temperature in multiple rooms, we’d recommend a ducted air system. Whereas for someone who’s more concerned with energy efficiency, gas heating is the way to go! For quality workmanship, you can trust, choose Simmonds for your air conditioning repairs Adelaide.

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Simmonds Heating and Cooling are the Adelaide Air Conditioning experts and stock all the leading brands. We service and install all types of air-conditioning, including Split, Ducted and Evaporative systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.