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Our knowledge and expert skill base spans across a variety of brands, and models. So, no matter the extent of your air conditioning needs, we can assist you. We have many strong long-term relationships with Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning clients having attended to the provision of HVAC Condition reports, service, repair, installation and maintenance for them over many years. A comprehensive quote will be provided detailing every aspect of the design and installation.

Our Commitment.

Simmonds Heating & Cooling offers the experience, expertise and the competence to complete your project to the needed requirements, whether it is a school, office, or other commercial facility that needs air conditioning. Businesses and other organisations have relied on us for commercial air conditioning systems in Adelaide for years.
When designing the ideal solution, our engineers and technicians will appraise each room within the building that requires air conditioning, taking into consideration size, location, aspect, and use.
All commercial customers receive the same demanding degree of pre-design examination, ensuring that the installation performs exactly as needed, whether you are a small, medium, or large organisation.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Project Management.

Simmonds Heating & Cooling has the experience and expertise to design, install and service commercial air conditioning to a varied commercial and industrial client base in Adelaide and throughout South Australia.
Whether it is a public building, office or other commercial building that needs air conditioning, Simmonds Heating & Cooling has the experience and expertise to deliver your project to the required specifications on time and on budget.
Commercial and Industrial air conditioning is a highly specialised field which requires an expert team to handle any situation.
Our designers and technicians will consider the whole space that needs air conditioning, taking into account size, location, aspect, and use so we can design and install the best air conditioning solution. All our Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning clients benefit from the same exacting level of pre-design examination, ensuring that – whether you are a small, medium, or large organisation – your air conditioning works exactly how it is needed. 

Simmonds Commercial have become experts in commercial HVAC. We create positive solutions for all business types whether it be new buildings or pre-existing buildings. Simmonds Commercial pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience pair with providing comprehensive customer service to our commercial clients . We understand that while you operate a business or commercial facility, you may not have time to focus your attention toward your air conditioning system. Our team of experienced air conditioning technicians can help you design, install or update air conditioning so that your commercial property is fully equipped to operate throughout the year. Our in-house air conditioning experts are excessive during the commercial air conditioning design phase, as well as throughout the installation and handover. Simmonds Heating & Cooling will continue to be recommended because We stay within budget Our Turn Around time is exemplary Health & safety is paramount to us The design and installation of units and ducting is top of mind for efficient and simple operation.

Experts in Preventative Maintenance

All commercial Air Conditioning needs to be regularly serviced to ensure that it is operating effectively throughout the year. We can also attend your site to diagnose a problem if you are not certain of the cause. We have implemented maintenance agreements for most of our existing commercial and industrial air conditioning clients. This enables us to provide a consistent and holistic approach to their air conditioning needs with continuity.
It is vital to engage an experienced team to ensure your air conditioning is performing correctly and the manufacturer’s warranty of your unit is protected.
Whether you are in the process of moving into a property, have just moved in or have been residing there for some time, we will arrange a visit to assess the existing air conditioning system and cater to your needs for up-gradation or modification in the future.
If you are not sure about what type air conditioning was installed, please contact our expert and friendly team to discuss. We suggest visiting your site so that we can conduct an assessment and make informed recommendations. This will help you choose the right maintenance agreement and save replacement costs.

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We take our Work Seriously.

Our management team has decades of combined experience in Air Conditioning
Designated service division with highly skilled
service mechanics
We offer a choices of brands to suit your budget and requirements
Certified Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and
Actron Platinum Dealer
Our qualified consultants to design the correct size air conditioner for your needs
Unsurpassed commitment to
customer satisfaction
We supply only the best quality duct, pipe, fittings and control systems
Commitment to employing apprentices
We have a team of in house, experienced and industry trained installers
Exacting Health and Safety Standards

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