What is Ducted Heating?

Have you been on the hunt for a quality ducted heating service Adelaide? Simmonds Heating & Cooling do just that! But firstly, what is ducted heating? Ducted heating systems are designed to centrally heat and cool the entire home simultaneously. Generally ducting is installed above the ceiling to evenly distribute the air throughout the entire home. Vents are also attached to the ceiling or walls, directing the conditioned air into each room. In addition, when getting ducted systems installed it is recommended that the areas are zoned. This means dividing the home into two or more sections that can be heated or cooled separately. As a result, this means the areas can be conditioned during the day and night reducing costs by up to 50%! For more information about our ducted heating service Adelaide call (08) 8377 5888! We also offer no obligation, free quotes.

Advantages of Ducted Heating

As one of South Australia’s premier ducted heating service Adelaide, educating our customers and helping them save money is our priority! So, what are the advantages of ducted heating? Firstly, ducted heating provides comfort to the entire home. As a result, you will no longer have to dread leaving your warm bed, because the entire home will be a consistent climate! In addition, ducted heating is also extremely efficient, and can reduce the cost of your electricity bill immensely. This is because it distributes the air evenly, meaning there will be no cold spots in your home. Ducted heating is also extremely easy to control and one of the most aesthetically pleasing methods. Say goodbye to bulky heaters and air conditioners and hello to sleek and quiet ducted heating! If you’re considering ducted heating, contact Simmonds and enquire about our ducted heating service Adelaide today!

About Our Ducted Heating Service Adelaide | Simmonds Heating & Cooling

Here at Simmonds Heating & Cooling, we’re known for our fantastic ducted heating service Adelaide. No matter what type of air-conditioning system you’re after, we can design and install system to suit your needs and budget, and provide you with years of trouble-free service and comfortable living. Our heating and cooling systems can be installed in both new and existing homes. We can provide advice and recommendations based on your home and living situation to keep you comfortable all year round. If you’re looking to build a new home we can also look over your home plans and determine what the best choice will be for you. So, whether it’s service or an installation, Simmonds Heating & Cooling will be happy to assist you. If you’re looking for the very best ducted heating service Adelaide, call Simmonds Heating & Cooling today on (08) 8377 5888!

For ducted heating service Adelaide, Simmonds Heating & Cooling are the solution for you! No matter the size of the job, or budget Simmonds will happily service you and find the best solution for your lifestyle!

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