Ducted Reverse Cycle

Whatever the weather is like outside enjoy year-round climate control inside with a fully installed Ducted reverse cycle system from Simmonds Refrigeration & Airconditioning.

Ducted reverse cycle systems comprise of a central unit installed in the roof which is powered by a compressor located outside the home. The indoor unit is connected via ductwork to a series of outlets installed in the rooms that will require heating or cooling. Ducted air conditioning Adelaide offers the benefit of refrigerated cooling in summer and then with the flick of a switch heating in winter all from the same outlets.

Simmonds Refrigeration & Airconditioning supplied ducted reverse cycle units use the latest in inverter technology helping you to further reduce your systems energy consumption.

How does reverse cycle air conditioning work?

Reverse cycle air conditioning extracts heat from the outside air, even on mid-winter nights, and transfers it inside. A refrigerant is passed through an external coil, absorbing heat from the outside air. This refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor into a fan coil unit (or ‘condenser’) inside the home, releasing its heat into the room.

Up to three or more units of heat can be transferred for every unit of electricity used to run reverse cycle air conditioning Adelaide. Therefore, running costs can be as low as one-third of those for direct element heaters. By reversing the flow of this refrigerant, reverse cycle air conditioners also provide efficient refrigerative cooling in summer.

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Ducted Reverse Cycle

Ducted systems are designed to centrally heat and cool a large number of rooms or an entire home.They can be suitable if you have an open-plan house, and/or prefer heating and cooling in all or most rooms of your house simultaneously.

They are more expensive to purchase and run than other types of air conditioners, as they heat and cool larger areas.

Ducted systems consist of:

  • the heat pump itself, located outside or in the roof space
  • ducting, usually installed above the ceiling to distribute the conditioned air throughout the home
  • vents, attached to the ceiling or walls (or sometimes the floor), directing the conditioned air into each room
  • a return air vent (grille), to recirculate air back to the system for reheating.

Filters can be attached to the grille to reduce dust circulation. Wherever possible, it is recommended that ducted systems be zoned. Zoning divides a home into two or more sections that can be heated or cooled separately.

This enables living areas to be conditioned during the day and sleeping areas at night, reducing running costs by up to 50%.

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