Sometimes your air conditioning system begins to show signs of a problem, but the unit is still working, so you decide to wait to call for repairs.
This is rarely a good idea.

Most Common Questions.

No air conditioners FAQ page would be complete without an answer to the most elementary question. The best description of how they work is as a fridge does but backwards.

Does it help to close in vents in rooms not being used during the day?

The answer to this question is very site specific and dependent on several factors such as: heating, ventilating and air conditioning system design, the location of the thermostat, house design and obviously the climate. In the right situation, closing vents and/or doors to certain rooms that are not being used during the day (or even during a whole season) may reduce your heating and cooling bills.However when you close vents/doors you could also throw off the balance of the system; change the way air is distributed or cause the thermostat to detect temperatures which make the rest of the house uncomfortable.Simmonds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can assist you with a site inspection at your home, during the yearly service of your air conditioner to offer advice and tips on how you could benefit from doing the above. Discuss with your SRA air conditioning expert which doors/vents you would be most likely to close and why.We will be able to help you decide whether these doors or vents can be closed to improve efficiency of your air conditioner (keeping your power bills down) and ultimately keeping your house cooler or warmer- what ever the season.Call Simmonds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning on 8377 5888 to get a technicians advice on your air conditioning unit TODAY!

Where should the thermostat on your airconditioner be located in your house? Can it be near cold air intake? Is it worth having the thermostat moved if it’s in a bad position?
What temperature should I set my air conditioner during the summer and winter?
How does a air conditioner work?
Why is it important to wash my filter?
Why is it important to wash my filter?
My air conditioner is leaking?
My air conditioner is not blowing cold air?
Why does my air conditioner smell bad?

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