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Does it help to close in vents in rooms not being used during the day?

The answer to this question is very site specific and dependent on several factors such as: heating, ventilating and air conditioning system design, the location of the thermostat, house design and obviously the climate. In the right situation, closing vents and/or doors to certain rooms that are not being used during the day (or even during a whole season) may reduce your heating and cooling bills.

However when you close vents/doors you could also throw off the balance of the system; change the way air is distributed or cause the thermostat to detect temperatures which make the rest of the house uncomfortable.

Simmonds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can assist you with a site inspection at your home, during the yearly service of your air conditioner to offer advice and tips on how you could benefit from doing the above. Discuss with your SRA air conditioning expert which doors/vents you would be most likely to close and why.

We will be able to help you decide whether these doors or vents can be closed to improve efficiency of your air conditioner (keeping your power bills down) and ultimately keeping your house cooler or warmer- what ever the season.

Call Simmonds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning on 8377 5888 to get a technicians advice on your air conditioning unit TODAY!

Where should the thermostat on your airconditioner be located in your house? Can it be near cold air intake? Is it worth having the thermostat moved if it’s in a bad position?

For your air conditioners thermostat to work properly and efficiently, thermostats should be located away from any sources of the cold or heat. It is best to install your unit (if possible) on an interior wall away from the heating and cooling vents and other sources of heat or drafts (Eg. Doorways, windows, sky lights, direct sunlight).

Simmonds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can check the location of your thermostat and assess whether the position is in a good place. Phone our office on 8377 5888 to book in your yearly aircon tune up!

What temperature should I set my air conditioner during the summer and winter?

Setting your thermostat is a very personal decision. There are no hard-and-fast rules. Your settings largely depend on your own comfort. On average, for every degree you set your thermostat back you can save 2% on your energy bill. Have a chat to your air conditioning expert when you have your air conditioning serviced next.

How does a air conditioner work?

An air conditioner may seem as if it cools your homes air. But in reality, what it’s doing is removing heat from the indoor air and transferring it to the outdoor air., It’s extracting the heat from your home! How? By passing indoor Air across a refrigerant coil in the indoor unit. Refrigerant lines then carry the heat to the outdoor unit, where it is released into the outside air. The cooling cycle continues until the indoor temperature reaches the thermostat setting that you have selected.

Why is it important to wash my filter?

This filter protects the indoor machine from dust, which everyone’s home is full of! This dust accumulates on the indoor coil and creates a thick black sludge which when kept in a dark moist environment can become toxic and full of bacteria.

This sludge will then contaminate the air to which it distributes throughout the house and we breath. It will also will block up your drain which will leak and flood your ceiling potentially causing thousands of dollars.

My air conditioner is leaking?

Unfortunately if your air conditioner is leaking you will need to contact Simmonds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to fix this for you, this involves pulling apart the machine to clean the coil, flush the drains and apply anti-bacterial solution.

My air conditioner is not blowing cold air?

This could be one of many issues, including a gas leak or a mechanical failure.
• Make sure it is set to cool
• Set to a comfortable temperature
• Fan speed on high/constant if possible

Turn machine back on and wait 5 mins. Most systems have a safety that will not allow the compressor to start until 5 mins after you have requested it, this is to prevent you or a child turning it on and off fast like a light costing you too much money.

If this works that’s great! But if it works for 5-10 mins then stops again, don’t force the issue, you will cause more damage, give Simmonds Refrigeration & Air Conditioning a call on 8377 5888.

Why does my air conditioner smell bad?

This is usually caused by a few things such as
• Cigarette smoke (tar on coil)
• Dust build up on coil
• Poor positioning of return air
• Cat/possum decay in duct (this happens too much, they get lost in ducting after forcing their way in)

Try to identify what smell it best represents from above and see if you can solve it by removing it, if not we are happy to identify it for you by coming to you and going through it.

I have a question about my air conditioner, who do I call?

We are a proud to call Adelaide home and if you want to call us and ask us any question about your air conditioner, feel free to do so.

There is no better place on earth than South Australia, and to do our bit to keep it that way we are happy to help our fellow South Australians any way we can.

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