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We are the Adelaide experts for the installation of split system air conditioning. We design, supply, install and service split system air conditioning throughout Adelaide.

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“Outstanding customer service from the start of the process through to installation. Mark Simmonds together with his admin and technical staff were excellent. We are delighted with the quality of the product and the attention to detail the service engineers demonstrated during the installation was highly professional. Thankyou”

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Are you looking for a high quality split system? Simmonds Heating and Cooling can help! Split systems are one of the most versatile and cost efficient ways of air conditioning a single room or area. Also available in reverse cycle providing cooling in summer and heating in winter.
A split system air conditioner is an air conditioner split into two sections. An indoor fan coil unit and an outdoor condensing unit are connected together by refrigerant pipes and electrical cables. Indoor units are available in a number of different styles to suit every application, such as wall mounted, floor consoles and floor/ceiling mounted units.
Outdoor units are compact, quiet and can be located a number of metres away from the indoor unit making them also very discrete. Operation is via a wireless remote control which offers a host of features depending on brand and model.

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    There are several benefits to using split system air Conditioning. First of all, they are very quiet compared to other types of air conditioners, especially as most split systems now use inverter technology. That’s one reason why so many customers prefer these systems. Secondly, they are easy to control and regulate the room temperature—which is a serious benefit in the hot Adelaide summers. 

    Lastly, split system air conditioning is a lot more energy efficient than in the past.

    For those freezing Adelaide winters our split system air conditioning units come with heating too, commonly known as reverse cycle, which means that you can stay cool in summer AND warm in winter, depending on the season.

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    Simmonds Heating and Cooling are the Adelaide Air Conditioning experts and stock all the leading brands. We service and install all types of air-conditioning, including Split, Ducted and Evaporative systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.